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The Most Important Beauty Trends of 2020

New year, new beauty trends. From sub-zero waste, to personalised treatments and innovative technology, find out the most exciting beauty trends 2020, and how Blue Tit is getting involved…



Oway Rebalancing Greasy Hair Treatment

Leading trend forecaster WGSN has said that ‘beauty regimes will only become more holistic and personalised come 2020,’ and Blue Tit is no exception. We now offer personalised treatments in all our salons, using microscopic scalp analysis to intricately diagnose your specific problem areas (think sensitive scalp, greasy hair, dandruff), before prescribing a bespoke hair treatment from OWAY. 

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More and more people are taking an interest in what goes into their beauty products, but have you heard of biodynamic farming? Thought to be the purest and cleanest way to grow ingredients – free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilisers –  it’s the method used to create all of our in-house haircare products by OWAY.

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Astrology fan? This could be the year that you tailor your beauty around the phases of the moon! During a Waxing Moon (from the new moon to full moon), your roots are thought to absorb more nourishment, so recharge with a moisturising and fortifying Peeling Cleanser Treatment (£10). Or for a slower-paced Waning Moon (from the full moon to the new moon) let the scalp rest with a Soothing Scalp Treatment (£25).

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Mintel, the world’s leading market intelligence agency, has announced ‘Sub-Zero Waste’ as the trend set to most impact the global beauty market. But we don’t see this as a trend… for us, it’s a life-long commitment and goal! Our salons are currently 95% plastic free, using glass bottles and refill stations for our OWAY products. We also use 100% biodegradable towels and recycle over 90% of our waste. Last year, we offset 34.44 tonnes of Co2, (110% of our annual input), and aim to become 99% plastic free and CO2 positive by the end of 2020. There you have the most important beauty trends 2020.


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When we welcome you to our salons we listen to what you want and create an experience that feels like a real treat.

This treat is guilt-free as we only use sustainable products and methods, both of which we are continually developing and improving. So together, let’s make you look and feel good by celebrating your beauty and individuality.