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3 Festival Tutorials For Every Hair Length

Got your festival ticket and outfit ready? Now all you need is the right festival hairstyle to complete the perfect look. The trends for festival hairstyles this season include buns, braiding and heaps of glitter, but what works for your cut? To help you find your ideal style, we’ve compiled the best looks for every hair length (from long to mid to short) with expert tutorials from our Brixton stylist and colourist Lidia Patrizia on how to create them at home.

Festival hairstyles for long hair…    

Festival Hairstyles for Long Hair

There are no boundaries when it comes to long hair for festivals. This year, we’re focusing on glitter buns. Part the hair straight down the middle – begin by securing each section into high ponytails with an elastic band. This is the foundation for your bun. Work on each section at a time. Take your first ponytail and begin to wrap the length of the hair around the elastic band. You can be visual with this and create the bun as you wish. Securely tightly with pins and grips then work on the second section – mirror the first bun for balance. Now you begin the fun part – applying the glitter! At Blue Tit we like to use Davines Oi oil.We brush this along the parting and then sprinkle the glitter on top. The oil acts as a much better alternative to hold the glitter down.

Festival hairstyles for mid-length hair…  

Festival Hairstyles for Mid-Length Hair

A bob is perfect for voluminous disco curls this summer. Using your hair straighteners simply begin to feed the hair into the plate in an ‘S’ shape. Press the plates together to create heat and tension which will begin to set the hair in the ‘S’ shape. Continue to do this throughout the head in sections until the whole head has been done. You can leave the hair as it is for an intense wave. Alternatively begin to brush through the hair with a soft brush to break up the wave for a much softer look.

Festival hairstyles for short hair…      

Festival Hairstyles for Short Hair

A Dutch braid is the solution to plaiting short hair for festivals. Section the hair into two sections straight through the middle parting. Begin to braid the first section. The Dutch braid is simply a French braid but reversed. This is how the effect of the braid sat on top is achieved. It is a much more dramatic braid then the French braid and therefore more popular at festivals. When braiding your sections reverse the method so that you take your sections underneath instead of on top as done with a French braid.

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