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Creative Team

Creative Team: From Right : Mads, Tom, Andi, Rumer, Perry, Matt, Declan, John


Naturally inspired by the 10 year anniversary of  Ortofficina (biodynamic farm of Oway)

Listening means feeling, perceiving, synchronising the rhythm.

It means seeking authenticity beneath the surface of visible things and discovering the reason for well-being in the depths of the earth, antechamber of life and the secret to the health of plants and human beings.

The root of good fruit is hidden under the sowing of wise agricultural practices. There is only one exploitation that does not impoverish the soil, and it is that which draws on what nature spontaneously offers to get the circle of respect back on track.

Owayans have chosen to take sides with the earth system and to work in synergy with it, listening to the signals and supporting its timeframes. In order to be able to interact with the planet, they have chosen the language of bio-dynamics, the maximum holistic expression of circular living.

The stylistic paintings of the 2020 collection are inspired by the sources of wealth of the plant world to narrate the underground roots of a healthy ecosystem, a treasure trove of quality ingredients which nourish the body and feed a conscious lifestyle.

Sometimes muffled by frost, occasionally obscured by the morning haze.

In some cases enlivened by colourful blooms or warmed by the ancient grain of the wood. Nothing will last forever, but everything will be at the right time.

It is the melody of the passing of seasons. Once upon a time and finally, that time will return.

When we welcome you to our London hair salons we listen to what you want and create an experience that feels like a real treat.

This treat is guilt-free as we only use sustainable products and methods, both of which we are continually developing and improving. So together, let’s make you look and feel good by celebrating your beauty and individuality.