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5 Of The Best Spring Hair Colours For 2018

Spring is in sight, so it’s time to warm up your hair to match the (hopefully) warm weather. From rich golden highlights to deep copper-toned reds, step into spring with these new-season spring hair colours.

Spring Hair Colours

1. Rose Gold

spring hair colours - rose gold

“Rose Gold is a perfect spring hair colour because it’s flattering on both pale winter skin and summer tans, and it adds a lovely shimmer to existing blonde highlights. It’s also semi permanent – so the ideal temporary change for spring holiday, festival or special occasion.” Charly Brady, Blue Tit Crouch Hill

2. Baby Flamboyage 

spring hair colours  - baby flamboyage

“Subtle, natural-looking highlights are a great way to ease into spring. We used the flamboyage technique to create this look – highlighting really fine sections and then toned with something warm and creamy.” Harriet Franks, Blue Tit Peckham

3. Rich Copper

spring hair colours - copper

“Washed out coppers are a big trend for spring. As we say goodbye to winter, it’s a great way to warm yourself up with a richer shade that can be as dramatic or low-key as you like.” Robbie McPhilomey, Blue Tit Brixton

4. Soft Peach

spring hair colours - soft peach

“This is an uplifting color, which is amazing in spring because the sunlight absorbs the warmth of the color so it appears to be even lighter and brighter. We created this one using baby highlights, olaplaex and a rose gold toner.” Ilse Veldhuizen, Blue Tit East Village

5. Multi-tonal Platinum

spring hair colours  - multi tonal platinum

“This colour was created using a full head of highlights. I think people consider highlights quite traditional, but actually, if you use a modern sectioning pattern and take fine sections, you can create an all over colour that is beautifully multi tonal. If the sun is warming up then why can’t our hair?” Lidia Patrizia, Blue Tit Brixton

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