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Customer Satisfaction Policy

Customer Satisfaction Policy


Service Guarantee


At Blue Tit our priority is for all clients to be completely satisfied with every aspect of the service they receive within our salons. Our team strives to deliver a high standard of results in everything we do, but on the rare occasion we do receive a complaint we take it seriously. We have a comprehensive complaints process in place to make good any problems raised where necessary, and to ensure that all feedback is heard, considered, and acted upon for salon and system improvements or for educational purposes.


Should you have a complaint


If you are unhappy with a service that you receive at one of our salons, please notify us whilst at the salon or where possible within 2 weeks of your service. We accept complaints in person, by phone call, via emails to our salon site email addresses, or at


We promise to handle all feedback sensitively and compassionately, and aim to resolve all complaints within 8 weeks of receiving them. When we deem a complaint reasonable we will arrange a suitable time for you to return to us for a complimentary service, redoing part or all of your initial service free of charge. Whilst we recommend clients return to the same stylist for this complimentary service, we are happy to organise this to be done with a different stylist or in a different Blue Tit location should you prefer. 


Please note that we are unable to offer complimentary services to resolve a complaint if you have visited another salon since your appointment with us, applied any colour to your hair, or altered your haircut in any way. We reserve the right to see exactly what the results of your service with us look like.


Our right to refuse service


Occasionally a member of our team may need to exercise their right to refuse service to a client, but we will only do so for one of the following reasons.


  • A client is at minimum 15 minutes late for their appointment, resulting in us being unable to complete their service to a high standard or that of following clients
  • The salon has reached maximum capacity
  • The salon is not open (out of hours)
  • A safety issue or health hazard has been caused in or within close proximity of the salon
  • A client is intoxicated 
  • There is a threat of harm to any one of our clients or employees, be this verbal or physical


Blue Tit vows to never discriminate against anyone on the grounds of protected characteristics.


We welcome all feedback


At Blue Tit we welcome all feedback, as hearing it enables us to continually improve our systems, salons and services with you in mind. If you would like to give us feedback please do so by emailing us at or use the anonymous feedback form below. 



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