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2024 Hair Trends

What can we expect for the hair world in the upcoming year?

As we step into 2024, the hair industry is looking ahead to anticipate which trends will be dominating the salons, feeds and runways this year.

If recent years are anything to go by, we can expect a social media-influenced audience where styles reflect narrative of nostalgia, authenticity, and a touch of modern innovation.

Join us as we speak to some expert voices from Blue Tit and dive into the captivating resurgence of Y2K aesthetics, the celebration of natural textured hair, the enduring allure of classic hair colours, and the influence of social media micro-trends that are shaping the hair landscape in unprecedented ways – all with a conscious nod towards sustainability. 

In recent years we have seen the industry evolve to meet the needs of our environment with a huge shift towards sustainable practices. 2024 is no different, with environmentally-conscious hair care taking centre stage, and this extends to hair colour.

Charlie Hamil, hair stylist and colourist at our Blue Tit Portobello salon says: ‘Expect to see a surge in eco-friendly hair dye options that not only create stunning hues but also prioritise environmental consciousness.’ 

From natural plant-based colour to low-impact formulas, going green with your hair has never been more stylish – making us all the more proud to be working so closely with organic haircare brand Oway to bring you sustainable haircare, from colour to styling products. 

Of course, hair care practices are not the only thing we’ll see evolve this year and our teams are expecting to see a host of haircuts, colours and styling trends coming through their chairs. 

Kicking off with a familiar favourite: texture-play is in! Whether it’s loose waves, defined curls, or sleek straight hairstyles, 2024 encourages individuals to celebrate and enhance their unique hair textures.

With textured hair care becoming a huge focus across the industry, expect to see a rise in natural curls and textured styling (think diffusers, twist outs and hair oil). 

Texture and movement is also here to stay in haircuts; We’ve seen a rise in textured cuts with all hair types in recent years, most notably with the TikTok-fuelled shag trend.

Tom Warr, Creative Director at Blue Tit noted that although we may see a slow decline in the shag in 2024, this in no way signals an end to the texture trends: ‘I think we are going to see a lot less shags this year and more longer, undone layered looks. I think the trend for texture and softness will continue but I believe the shags are on the way out and people will want to look more effortless.’ 

Following this, Tom sees a continued rise in popularity for the bob this year – with the french bob dominating our feeds and micro-trends rising from the cult cut to give us the ‘lob’ (long bob) and ‘slob’ (sleek bob), among others. 

Tom sees the bob’s journey mirror that of the shag, predicting a move away from those short layers around the face but still keeping a focus on movement. He notes; ‘The French bob had a huge rise in 2023 and I think this will continue into 2024… but I also think we will see it evolve slightly into a classic one length box bob with shattered ends.’


As those 70s styles fall out of favour, a new era dominates with a rise in ‘Y2K’ trends across hair, fashion and makeup. Picked up in part by nostalgic millennials, but amplified through a younger audience who missed it all the first time round, those early 2000s looks are filling our social feeds this year. 

Lee, stylist and colourist at Blue Tit Greenwich, picks up on this, noting that he sees this coming through in styling trends: ‘People are returning to the sleek looks and chunky highlights, and finishing their styles with a throwback to mini-braids and colourful accessories.’

Mbali Mthembu, stylist, colourist and braids specialist at Blue Tit Woolwich, echoed Lee’s thoughts on Y2K trends, saying that ‘old is new’ across all areas of beauty and fashion right now.

‘I see a rise in the chunky highlights from the nineties and noughties’ Mbali notes, ‘and in braids we can expect the old school styles like yaki braids, pick and drop, and the curly styles coming back to the salon.’ Going from these expectations for braiding, Mbali highlights that these trends are particularly visible in styling, noting a return of ‘the big 90s blow-outs on longer hair and flicked ends on bob styles.’

Alongside a return to noughties styling, we also see a resurgence of the classic hair styles. Tetiana Hirenko, stylist and colourist at the Blue Tit Portobello salon, says ‘Styles like ash blonde, reminiscent of past trends, have not merely endured but have found a special place in clients’ hearts and imaginations. In 2024, we will witness the timeless classics making a confident comeback, demonstrating their enduring appeal and versatility.’

While Tetiana acknowledges the classic colours, she also notes that, for some, 2024 will be a year for individuality and stepping outside of your comfort zone; ‘For the more adventurous souls, a captivating mix of ginger hair colours and violet promises to make heads turn. This carefully curated palette aligns with the yearning for authenticity and individual expression.’ On this path of individuality and experimenting, Lauren, stylist and colourist at Blue Tit Woolwich notes a shift towards creative hair painting ‘with a big rise in patterned buzzcuts and panel stencils making their way out of editorial circles and into day-to-day looks.’

As we reach a conclusion on our 2024 trend predictions, Dario leaves us with a crucial consideration; ‘Social media means we no longer have core long-term trends. The biggest trends across TikTok and Instagram is really just individuality. We get short-lived micro trends and aesthetics that are always changing.’ 

The constant waves of user-generated content across social media has led to a decentralised and diverse stream of trends that cater to niche interests and an ever growing audience of subcultures. This emphasis on individuality has, in turn, shifted us away from dominating, long-term trends – especially with younger audiences. As a result, social media’s influence on fashion, lifestyle, and culture has shifted towards celebrating the multitude of expressions, allowing individuals to shape trends in real-time, but often at the expense of those enduring, cult movements – which is perhaps why we tend to revisit those from the past.


In an ever-changing world of fashion and self-expression, the exploration of diverse hairstyles continues to captivate individuals seeking to make a statement in 2024. As we’ve delved into a variety of upcoming hair trends, it is evident that this year’s styles are marked by a celebration of individuality, versatility, and a fusion of traditional and new influences. From bold colours to innovative cuts, the landscape of 2024 hair trends showcases creativity and personal flair for some. For others, a return to the classics reinforces the reputation of certain hair colours as permanent fixtures. Woven into all of this is a clear, growing commitment to sustainability, and a shared compassion for the environment & society as a whole. In 2024, it’s more than just about looking good; it’s about feeling good and doing good. 


Whether you choose to follow the latest trends or pave your own path, the essence of this year’s hair lies in the empowerment of self-expression. Here at Blue Tit, we are excited to be part of this transformative journey, offering services and products that nourish and enhance the beauty of every individual, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of styles that define 2024.


When we welcome you to our London hair salons we listen to what you want and create an experience that feels like a real treat.

This treat is guilt-free as we only use sustainable products and methods, both of which we are continually developing and improving. So together, let’s make you look and feel good by celebrating your beauty and individuality.