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3 hair stylists on why they love their job

From our early beginnings with one salon in Dalston, we’re so excited to now have ten Blue Tit salons across London. Our recent growth means that we’re currently recruiting for some new hair stylist positions, so we sat down to chat with some of our current Blue Tit family to give you some insight into what it’s really like to work with us.

Kamila, co-owner of the Portobello salon

Why did you want to work at Blue Tit?

I didn’t even speak English when I joined Blue Tit five years ago. But I knew that I needed to find a cool salon with high standards so when I came across Blue Tit I knew I had to work there no matter what. I remember my interview with the founders and despite the language barrier making things frustrating, they gave me a chance after they’d seen my work. I was so excited to get the job!

How has your career progressed since you started?

The first couple of years weren’t easy but I could see how my skills were improving and my English was getting loads better too. After two and a half years I became the manager at Dalston – it was a massive step forward for me. One of the best things about Blue Tit is that they support your development. I never thought managing people was something I could do, but they saw something in me and knew I could. Then this year I’ve partnered with Blue Tit to co-found my own salon in Portobello! It’s been so exciting to start a new salon from scratch, create a new team and share what I’ve learnt in the past five years with others.

What’s it like to work in a Blue Tit salon?

The vibe in the Blue Tit salons is amazing, full of super talented, cool people who make Blue Tit what it is. And now obviously being my own boss is a bonus!

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Oliver, manager of the Topshop salon

What’s your Blue Tit journey been like?

I’ve not been here for too long, but what a journey so far! I started hairdressing in the West End but I was going out in Dalston and Shoreditch a lot. I remember walking past the first salon in Dalston looking longingly in the window and thinking that’s where I wanted to be. The only name on my list was Blue Tit: the salons and brand have grown so much and you can’t go to a corner of London without hearing the name. I could see myself working very comfortably in the salons for a long time to come, so I trusted my gut – and seven years later here I am.

What opportunities has Blue Tit given you during your time there?

A lot of work places say the generic “we give great opportunities in all aspects of the job” etc., and when I heard it here I thought hmm okay, we’ll see! But never has this been a more Truer statement. Blue Tit DOES give you huge opportunities in all aspects of the job, from teaching to session to management. If you want to do it, you can do it.

I’ve only been working at the Clapton salon for about 6 months but have already worked fashion shows, helped teach, and now been given the opportunity to become the Topshop Blue Tit manager. We’ve got more in the pipeline coming up including working (and partying!) at festivals.

What makes Blue Tit different?

The whole team is a ‘Blue Army’ tribe, creative, passionate and very skilled. Everyone is very welcoming from the directors to the receptionists and I have learnt so much about myself and furthering my skills in hairdressing. Never have I been more appreciated in a workplace: you put the hard work into the job and company and you get it back. Being appreciated doesn’t cost a lot, but I feel valued at Blue Tit.

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Mads, stylist at Portobello

What’s attracted you to Blue Tit?

It was the creative freedom that the company was showing that attracted me. Ever since I’ve started I have been involved in the creative process of photoshoots and teaching, which is what I love to do. Blue Tit have allowed my self-confidence to really grow because they trust my judgment.

What makes working at Blue Tit different to other hairdressers?

Compared to other salons I’ve worked in, Blue Tit have a very good vibe across the company. When I started I quickly felt comfortable and that’s something that I think it’s really important. The relaxed vibe and individuality of each person makes Blue Tit special and a good place to work, and that applies to both clients and colleagues.

What’s most exciting about working at the new salon in Portobello?

We have such a beautiful salon, and it’s been a crazy but good start in West London. We are an exciting team here who all love our craft, which is what makes a salon a success! Kamila is such a good hair stylist and manager, so I always have a big smile on my face whenever I arrive at work.

What have you learnt since working at Blue Tit?

There’s so many things I learn everyday. On a personal level I’ve learnt a lot about myself, and Blue Tit have boosted my hunger for hairdressing and make me eager to learn more. I love the individuality of the stylists in the company, and its not about us learning to be the same, but guiding each other to be ourselves both at work and personally. We all have a speciality, and it’s
about embracing that with the team so we all can reach our goals for the future.

What’s it like being part of the Blue Tit team?

It’s very inspiring to be a part of Blue Tit, and be a part of the growth of the company. The work relationship bond and strong friendships you make here make you want to go to work and do the best you can. It’s hard work at times, but where’s the fun in a easy job where you are never challenged or pushed to embrace yourself and your work?!

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